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Foot Surgery

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Foot surgery at Florida Hospital encompasses advanced, highly effective procedures to improve the function of the foot while reducing pain, symptoms and recovery time. World-renowned podiatrists provide compassionate, expert care for patients of every age. Our minimally invasive and laser treatments are available for qualified patients. Learn more about foot surgery at Florida Hospital to determine if you are a candidate for minimally invasive surgery. Request an appointment today.

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Depending on the patient’s specific condition, foot surgery may be recommended to treat a variety of foot ailments and deformities. Many times, ill-fitting shoes and/or aging can cause foot conditions, while other conditions are considered birth defects.

Foot surgery can involve any of the 25 bones, 33 joints and around 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments that make up the foot. Patients of any age, infant to elderly, may have surgery. The need for foot surgery may vary depending on the age of the patient, the overall health, health goals and individual condition.

During foot surgery, doctors at Florida Hospital may remove bone, repair tendons, muscles or ligaments, fuse bones together, or use metal plats and pins to restore function.

Depending on the patient’s needs, different procedures can be used. Minimally invasive and advanced laser procedures are available at Florida Hospital for qualified patients. These procedures reduce scaring, recovery time and can improve results.

If you experience pain, swelling or foot conditions, request an appointment or second opinion at Florida Hospital to determine if you are a candidate for advanced, minimally invasive foot surgery.

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