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Students and Instructors

** 30 days prior to clinical start date please contact the Education Department to coordinate orientation,
clinical schedules and submit required documentation**

Students and Instructors - Please review the following:

  1. 2015 Student Orientation Presentation
  2. Information Security Sanction Policy

Students -- Please complete the following forms:

  1. Orientation Acknowledgement and Security Access Form
  2. Confidentiality Agreement Form
  3. Influenza Private Provider Disclosure 2015 -2016
  4. Influenza Declination Form
  5. Photography Consent Form

Instructors -- Please complete the following:

  1. Pyxis Access Form
  2. BGM Stat Strip Competency Form
  3. Orientation Acknowledgement and Security Access Form
  4. Confidentiality Agreement Form
  5. Influenza Private Provider Disclosure 2015 -2016

**All Clinical Instructors and Students are required to obtain a Florida Hospital Flagler Identification Badge.**  Please bring a $10 deposit (cahs only) either prior to or on the first day of clinicals to the Education Department.  Badges must be returned at the end of each semester to qualify for a refund.

***Submit forms to the Education Department at least 3 weeks prior to start date***

  • Parking permitted in designated areas only. Do not park in Visitor Parking.
  • Please only park in the employee designated parking spaces, which are marked with a green end stripe.

Florida Hospital Flagler Education Department:

  • Amy Piazza BSN, RN-BC, Education Manager (386) 586-4333
  • Sophia Costa RN, Clinical Educator (386) 586-4336