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Students and Instructors

** 30 days prior to clinical start date please contact the Education Department to coordinate orientation,
clinical schedules and submit required documentation**

Students and Instructors - Please review the following:

  1. 2015 Student Orientation Presentation
  2. Patient Experience Presentation
  3. Information Security Sanction Policy

Students -- Please complete the following forms:

  1. Orientation Acknowledgement and Security Access Form
  2. Confidentiality Agreement Form
  3. Influenza Private Provider Disclosure 2015 -2016
  4. Influenza Declination Form
  5. Photography Consent Form
  6. Patient Experience Presentation Post Test

Instructors -- Please complete the following:

  1. Pyxis Access Form
  2. BGM Stat Strip Competency Form
  3. Orientation Acknowledgement and Security Access Form
  4. Confidentiality Agreement Form
  5. Influenza Private Provider Disclosure 2015 -2016

**All Clinical Instructors and Students are required to obtain a Florida Hospital Flagler Identification Badge.**  Please bring a $10 deposit (cash only) either prior to or on the first day of clinicals to the Education Department.  Badges must be returned in usable condition at the end of each semester to qualify for a refund.

**Submit forms to the Education Department at least 2 weeks prior to start date**

  • Parking permitted in designated areas only. Do not park in Visitor Parking.
  • Please only park in the employee designated parking spaces, which are marked with a green end stripe.
  • Click HERE to view the map of Florida Hospital Flagler's parking areas.

Florida Hospital Flagler Education Department:

  • Amy Piazza BSN, RN-BC, Education Manager (386) 586-4333
  • Sophia Costa RN, Clinical Educator (386) 586-4336