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Florida Hospital Flagler Cancer Care

At Florida Hospital Flagler, we’re fighting cancer with some of today’s most advanced and effective treatment techniques. Our talented team of collaborative physicians, specialists and nurses are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our patients—from diagnosis to planning, treatment to recovery and beyond. Our oncology programs are supported by the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, which provides the latest prevention, detection and treatment services available, while treating more cancer patients than any other healthcare system in Florida.

The Florida Hospital Flagler Cancer Institute offers a comprehensive continuum of services ranging from disease prediction and prevention to state-of-the-art detection, treatment and research. Our highly sought cancer programs are complemented by educational, psychological and spiritual support led by experienced doctors and qualified clinicians.

The team at Florida Hospital Flagler Cancer Institute includes:
FCS Medical Oncologist, Philip Ndum, MD
FCS Medical Oncologist, Padmaja Sai, MD

FCS Medical Oncologist, Mitchell Weisberg, MD

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Contact the Florida Hospital Flagler Cancer Institute today at (386) 586-2060.

2015 Public Reporting of Outcomes:

Cancer Center Annual Report 

2017 Public Reporting of Outcomes:

1)      Community Outreach:  Smoking Cessation

2)      Community Outreach:  Low-Dose CT Lung Screening

3)      Community Outreach: Research Report 

4)      Quality Improvement: Accountability and Quality Improvement Measures

Unparalleled Cancer Support

Beyond the amazing collection of technology and talent at Florida Hospital Flagler is the exceptional support we provide to our patients. Some of the most accessed cancer support resources include:

Cancer Support Assistance

Referrals for counseling, discharge planning, assistance with post hospital needs, vocational and financial assistance and referral to community resources.

Cancer Support Groups

Support Groups for patients and their families that provide information about living with cancer.

SPOHNC Head, Neck & Oral Cancer Support Group
Meets the first Thursday of each month from 4PM-5:30PM and is held in Classroom D
Prostate Cancer Support Group
Meets the third Thursday of each month from 9AM-10AM and is held in Classroom D

Breast Cancer Support Group
Meets the third Thursday of each month from 5PM-7PM and is held in Classroom D

Multiple Myeloma Support Group
Meets the second Tuesday of each month from 3:30PM-4:30PM and is held in Classroom D

Look Good, Feel Better
Patients are required to register in advance for this group, which meets the last Monday of February, April, June, August and October. This group also meets in Classroom D

Nutritional Education

Individual nutritional assessment and educational services from a registered, licensed dietitian are available. These services focus on the unique eating and nutritional challenges faced by patients with cancer.

Genetic Counseling

Access to referrals for genetic counseling is available for a person that is diagnosed with a cancer that physicians have found will increase the risk of their family members becoming diagnosed with a cancer.

Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Cancer patients face physical, cognitive and emotional concerns that can affect their quality of life, no matter what type of cancer they have overcome or are currently facing. For many cancer patients, the aggressive, life-saving interventions may take a harsh toll on the human body. So while the fight against cancer is being won, patients may experience debilitating fatigue, pain, joint stiffness, weakness, emotional strain and limited mobility. Florida Hospital Flagler's Cancer Rehabilitation Program meets the challenges facing cancer patients and survivors by providing state-of-the-art rehabilitation interventions while working closely with a patient’s oncology team. The rehabilitation team customizes each patient’s therapy program around his or her individual chemotherapy cycles, radiation treatments and surgery. Our speech, occupational and physical therapists help patients avoid the impairment that can often accompany oncology treatment and are focused on returning people to their highest level of function.


Judith C. Macko Cancer Resource Center and The American Cancer Society Resource Center

Located in suite 1-700 of our hospital, the Judith C. Macko Cancer Resource Library is part of the Florida Hospital Flagler Cancer Center and offers an extensive collection of books, brochures, articles and videos about cancer.  Cancer patients, their families, and community members, such as health professionals, students, teachers and members of service organizations are welcome to use all of our library’s free resources.

The American Cancer Society Resource Center is a free service and information hub established for the community and for patients of the Florida Hospital Flagler Cancer Center. The Resource Center’s trained volunteers work with healthcare professionals, cancer patients and family members, providing educational information, materials and free cosmetic cancer supplies when available, such as: wigs, prostheses, bras, scarves, turbans & pillows.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 2pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

The American Cancer Society Resources Center is located inside the Judith C. Macko Cancer Library on the Florida Hospital Flagler campus. For more information, to schedule an appointment, or to volunteer, contact (386) 586-2084 or


Nationally Recognized for Our Expertise

Commission on Cancer Seal

 The Join Commission National Seal of Approval

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