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Advance Directives

You may at some time lose the ability to make decisions about medical treatment for reasons such as confusion or unconsciousness caused by medication, stroke, coma, or similar condition.

When you personally cannot make decisions about your medical care others have to do it for you. Advance Care Planning allows you to choose who will be making those important decisions for you. The person that you choose to be your Health Care Surrogate will act on your behalf only when you are unable to make decisions yourself.

What if I need emergency care before my Health Care Surrogate can be located?

Any physician can administer care to save a life, but when you are incapacitated, decisions to provide treatment beyond emergency stabilization would be made by your Health Care Surrogate.

How will my Health Care Surrogate know what my medical wishes are? Will the doctors know who he/she is and how to contact him/her?

This situation is made easier when you have put in writing the care you want and who you trust to speak to your doctors for you.

A Health Care Surrogate and a Living Will are legal documents you may complete to help ensure that your wishes concerning medical care are carried out when you are unable to make health care decisions for yourself.

These documents are based on Florida statutes and are written to be easily understood and completed. Regardless of your medical condition, all adults 18 years and older and residing in Florida are encouraged to consider completing
these forms. If further information is needed, contact your health care provider, your lawyer, your clergy or a hospital social worker.

It is very important that your wishes expressed in these documents are discussed with your physician, clergy, family and trusted friends to ensure that those who are caring for you in your time of need are able to carry out your

Download our booklet that will help you understand the purpose of these documents and how to complete them properly.

Aging with Dignity
(888) 594-7437

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
(Type “advance directives” in the Web site’s search engine)

Partnership for Caring
(800) 989-9455

FLORIDA HOSPITAL Volusia Home Care Services
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A team of skilled professional and skilled health care professionals ready to assist you with your home care needs serving all of Volusia County. FLORIDA HOSPITAL Volusia Home Care Services is certified by Medicare and Medicaid as a service provider and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations.

Family Forum Roundtable
A forum for patients, family and community members to participate in discussion and ask questions regarding end of life issues.
Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7:00 pm
Cafeteria Conference Room
For more information, call (386) 917-5263