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Patient Financial Services at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial continuously strive to educate you about your medical services and what to expect during your stay with us. We have outlined the most commonly asked questions and answers to these questions to ensure your safety and ease your mind during your recovery process.

How do I pre-register?

Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Service Representatives can pre-register any visit if your physician makes arrangements in advance. Through advance registration, all of the required information is gathered and placed in our files pending your visit. Your Service Representative will discuss financial requirements with you at that particular time.
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What can I expect at registration?

It is the policy of Florida Hospital Fish Memorial to offer services without regard to religion, race, sex, age, national origin or handicap. Your Service Representative will help you complete the appropriate paperwork required for your hospital visit.
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What do I do with my valuables?

Patients are responsible for their own valuables and personal items while in the hospital. Therefore, we ask that you leave personal valuables, other than sufficient funds to meet your co-payment/deposit requirements, at home or keep personal belongings that you must bring to a minimum. Inpatients can keep small amounts of cash to pay for magazines, gift shop purchases, etc.
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Do I need my hospitalization insurance?

If you have hospitalization insurance, please bring sufficient information with you so we can verify your coverage prior to or upon your registration. Florida Hospital Fish Memorial will only accept your insurance if your policy can be verified and its benefits are assignable to the hospital. If your insurance cannot be verified by the time you leave the hospital, you will be responsible for the payment of the full hospital bill at the time of discharge.
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Will my insurance company be billed for my visit?

As a courtesy to our patients, we will bill your insurance company on your behalf. Although your insurance may pay a portion of the bill, we expect payment from you for your deductible and your co-payment amount at the time of service or discharge. This portion is your responsibility.

If your account is not paid in full within 14 days, all future statements will be generated by Medical Services Division Early Out (MSD). This is not a collection agency, but we have contracted with this company to collect on any account after 14 days.
It is understood and agreed that the hospital has been assigned to the Highlands County Health Facilities Authority. Highlands (and its assignees) have all rights to payment from the patient, under any insurance policy or in connection with any other hospital or medical benefits. This includes any future claims against the patient or under any insurance policy in connection with this right to payment.
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Is pre-certification required?

Depending upon the type of insurance and your policy, hospital benefits can vary. We will do our best to ensure that you get all the benefits that your policy allows. If your insurance requires pre-certification or authorizations before you receive service at the hospital, you or your primary care physician must make the required arrangements before registration.
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How do I make financial arrangements to pay my bill?

Payments are required at the time of service for any amount not completely covered by your insurance. Items such as your deductible and co-payment will be considered as deposits due at the time of service. Estimated deposits are based on average charges per procedure or diagnosis.

For patients without insurance, payment of the estimated hospital bill less the deposit made at the time of service is due at discharge.

If you have financial difficulties and cannot make the full payment at discharge, please request to see a Financial Counselor as soon as possible. A Financial Counselor can help arrange an alternative for payment.

Payments by cash, personal check, VISA, American Express, Discover and MasterCard are accepted. Florida Hospital Fish Memorial also has an electric funds transfer program available for those who qualify. Your Service Representative or Financial Counselor can provide you with additional information on the various payment options.
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Is financial assistance available?

Financial Assistance Programs (Federal, State and Local) are available. Patients or immediate family members should contact a Financial Counselor for assistance.
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Do you accept Medicare/Medicaid?

Medicare and Medicaid are both honored by Florida Hospital Fish Memorial. Medicare and Medicaid patients must present their current cards at the time of service. Medicare patients are requested to pay their inpatient deductible at the time of admission. Medicaid patients’ eligibility will be verified prior to registration.
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What part of the hospital bill am I responsible for?

Your hospitalization coverage is a contract between you and your commercial insurance company. You are responsible for your hospital account. Payment for the estimated co-pay and deductible may be made by cash, personal check, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, VISA or electronic funds transfer.

You may request an itemized statement from the hospital which will reflect your hospital care, and all the supplies and services ordered by your physician. If you need an insurance billing form for billing other insurance, we can provide you with a copy if you call (386) 917-5869; however, your hospital bill must first be paid in full.
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Can I expect a separate bill from my physician?

You should expect to receive a separate bill from your physician. During the course of your stay, your physician may request consultations and/or services of hospital-based physicians including, but not limited to, emergency physicians, radiologists, pathologists and anesthesiologists. These physicians are not employees, agents or servants of Florida Hospital Fish Memorial. They are independent, private-practicing physicians, and you may receive separate billings from these physicians for their services. Each physician may be individually contracted with an HMO or PPO. These contracts could be different from the contracts that the hospital holds. Check with both the hospital and the physician to find out if each is a member of your insurance provider network.
Emergency Physicians will send a bill for any physician services that you may have received in the Emergency Department.
Radiologists will send a bill for reading any X-rays you may have received while at the hospital.
Pathologists will bill you for any laboratory and pathology reports you may have received while at the hospital.
Anesthesiologists will bill you for service received during surgical procedures you may have undergone while at the hospital.
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What do I do if I don’t have insurance?

Each individual situation is evaluated separately based on the circumstances involved. As a general rule the following steps will be implemented:

  • The “self-pay” patient is offered a 40% discount if payment can be made at the time of service or this can be extended in certain circumstances. Otherwise, payment options can be arranged by speaking to a Financial Counselor. Refer to the contact information on the back of this pamphlet for more details.

  • Any patient requiring financial assistance is encouraged to check into state (Medicaid) or county (West Volusia Authority) assistance programs for paying their bills on electric and/or voluntary procedures. Hospital forms are only provided when a patient enters through the ER or in an emergency (life threatening) situation.

  • No indigent patient without insurance will be denied treatment regardless of their financial situation when a condition is considered life threatening and immediate medical care is needed.

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