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American Cancer Society Resource Center

The American Cancer Society Resource Center is a service and information center set up to meet and plan for needs of registered cancer patients and their families at the Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Cancer Institute. This program is not designed to replace any professionals, only to provide the same support services American Cancer Society has always provided.

This program is designed to provide trained volunteers to work with health care professionals, cancer patients and family members. The aim of such a program is to make all services for the American Cancer Society available to patients and family members. The Resource Center will serve as a resource of American Cancer Society’s public education information and materials and also have access to available supplies for cancer patients.

The American Cancer Society may not be able to supply every cancer patient with a specific gift item due to availability of items at time of request. All items are donated to the American Cancer Society.

For volunteer opportunities at the American Cancer Society Resources Center or Florida Hospital Fish Memorial, please call (386) 917-5070.

Open Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.
Call (386) 917-5760 to schedule an appointment.