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Fetal Diagnostics

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

For patients with birth complications seeking fetal diagnostics, Florida Hospital Maternal Fetal Medicine Program provides the highest level of care for babies and family. Our state-of-the-art technology, and warm, caring staff provide both the knowledge and comfort you and your family need during this time. We work closely with a wide base of obstetricians in Central Florida to diagnose and treat high-risk pregnancies. Our goal is to provide every opportunity possible for a baby to grow up and develop into a strong adult. Whether during pregnancy or after delivery, we provide a full range of screening and diagnostic tests and the experience to care for our smallest patients. In this exciting, but stressful time, trust Florida Hospital to provide whatever care is necessary for your newborn. Schedule an appointment to tour the today.

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Even with the best health care available, complications can arise during pregnancy, labor and after birth. The fetal diagnostics team at Florida Hospital’s provides compassionate, experienced care for high-risk newborn patients. Our experienced staff and maternal-fetal specialist use the most advanced imaging technology to provide accurate diagnosis, the first step in an effective treatment plan.

The Maternal Fetal Medicine Program at Florida Hospital works closely with a large base of area obstetricians and pediatricians to treat high-risk patients. Through expert diagnostic services, our goal is to develop a plan to optimize the patient and baby’s health during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Then, we work to provide every opportunity for newborns to grow strong into adulthood.

Trust the experts at Florida Hospital to provide the best care for your family through every stage of life.

Our services begin with pre-pregnancy consultation. 

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