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Femoral Hernia

Treatments for Femoral Hernia

Treatments for femoral hernia usually always include surgery to repair the hernia. The surgery may not be recommended immediately if the condition is not life threatening. Femoral hernia repair surgery at Florida Hospital can be performed both traditionally with an open procedure or laparoscopically using specialized tools to decrease the size of the incision and the patient’s pain. Schedule an appointment at Florida Hospital to determine if you are a candidate for laparoscopic femoral hernia surgery.
For patients who do not undergo surgery immediately, doctors recommend these temporary treatments to slow the enlargement of the hernia:
  • Eat more fiber and drink more fluids to prevent constipation
  • If obese, lose weight (ask your doctor before dieting or beginning and exercise routine)
  • Stay vigilant—seek medial attention if you have problems urinating (men)
  • Lift heavy objects if necessary using proper technique
For patients with severe, sudden symptoms such as pain in the groin, nausea or vomiting, emergency treatment for femoral hernia must be administered. If you experience these symptoms, contact Florida Hospital immediately for emergency medical care.

Locations for Femoral Hernia