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Femoral Hernia

Screening and Tests for Femoral Hernia

If patients experience symptoms, doctors at Florida Hospital encourage he or she to seek screening and tests for femoral hernia. This condition must be treated and will not resolve itself.
The first step to screening for femoral hernia is to complete a physical exam and medical history. The doctor may be able to diagnose femoral hernia through this exam.
For some patients, the physical exam is only the first step to diagnosing femoral hernia. If there is doubt, doctors may request an ultrasound or CT scan to confirm or diagnose the condition.
Once a diagnosis is made, doctors at Florida Hospital work with patients individually to develop a treatment plan that fits the patient’s needs and health goals.
If you experience symptoms, schedule a screening online today. If you experience symptoms of an emergency incarcerated hernia, seek medical attention immediately.

Locations for Femoral Hernia