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Femoral Hernia Repair

Conditions Related to Femoral Hernia Repair

Femoral hernia must be repaired to prevent an emergency related condition to femoral hernia repair. A hernia occurs when tissue, usually intestinal tissue, pushes through a thin or weak spot in the muscle. A femoral hernia occurs in the groin area.

When a hernia is not treated quickly, intestine can get caught in the hernia, stopping blood flow. This related condition to femoral hernia is called strangulated hernia or incarcerated hernia. Emergency surgery is required to restore blood flow to the intestine. Oftentimes, surgeons must remove damaged tissue that died due to lack of oxygenated blood flow.

If you have the symptoms of femoral hernia, schedule an appointment for diagnosis and treatment at Florida Hospital today.

Locations for Femoral Hernia Repair