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Femoral Hernia Repair

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Femoral hernia repair is a surgical procedure to treat a hernia near the groin area. Depending on the patient’s individual condition, surgeons at Florida Hospital can perform the laparoscopic femoral hernia repair procedure. We are dedicated to minimally invasive procedures to reduce pain and trauma to the body. Our patients can recover quickly and most can leave the hospital on the same day as surgery. See if you are a candidate for minimally invasive femoral hernia repair surgery. Schedule an appointment today.

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A hernia develops when tissue bulges through or out of a thin or weak spot in the muscle. Femoral hernia repair procedure treats a hernia that develops in the groin or upper thigh area.

Even without symptoms, femoral hernia must be repaired because this condition does not resolve itself. Also, patients with hernia are at risk for developing incarcerated or strangulated hernia. This occurs when intestinal tissue is caught in the hernia, cutting off blood supply and requiring emergency surgery.

During preventative and emergency surgery, surgeons move the tissue, usually intestinal tissue, back into the body. Then he or she strengthens or sews the weakened area closed. Depending on the patient’s specific condition, general wellness and health goals, surgeons can perform one of these two femoral hernia procedures:

  • Open femoral hernia repair – a surgical cut is made in the groin area to perform surgery.
  • Laparoscopic femoral hernia repair – a few small cuts are made and specialized, minimally invasive instruments are used to perform surgery.

Through recent advances in research, Florida Hospital can now offer qualified patients the minimally invasive laparoscopic femoral hernia repair procedure.  This advanced surgery reduces pain, scarring and recovery time for patients. Also, most patients are released from the hospital on the same day.

Find out if you are a candidate for this advanced laparoscopic femoral hernia repair procedure. 

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