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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Female sexual dysfunction can occur for a variety of reasons that can be physical, psychological or both. The condition is defined as difficulty during any stage of the sexual process including desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution. Florida Hospital’s comprehensive women’s services provide holistic, multi-disciplinary care for patients. We help women reach their highest level of wellness in mind, body and spirit to avoid illness and sexual dysfunction. Learn more about how our team can help you. Schedule a confidential appointment online today.

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What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?
Caused by physical problems, psychological conditions or both, female sexual dysfunction is a serious medical issue that can affect any woman of any age. The condition can be diagnosed by any of these specific problems:

  • Low sexual desire
  • Sexual arousal disorder (problems becoming aroused)
  • Orgasmic disorder (problems achieving orgasm)
  • Sexual pain disorder (intercourse that is painful)
  • Intense dislike for sexual activity

Many times, female sexual dysfunction is caused by physical illnesses, such as diabetes, nerve disorders or hormonal imbalance. It can also be caused by psychological conditions, such as stress, anxiety, depression or relationship problems.

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