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Facial Surgery

Side Effects of Facial Surgery

Potential complications related to facial surgery vary with the procedure, the amount of the correction and the individual. In addition, how pleasing the outcome of surgery is depends largely on the skill and experience of the surgeon.

The side effects of facial surgery procedures are rare, but possible complications include:
Face lift

  • Nerve injury
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Hematoma (blood that collects under the skin)
  • Damage to the skin with scars of poor quality
  • Long recovery period

Eyelid lift

  • Double or blurred vision, loss of vision
  • Temporary swelling or difficulty closing the eyes at night
  • Slow healing
  • Uneven eyes (not symmetrical)
  • Scars

Brow lift, or forehead lift

  • Loss of sensation around the incision
  • Scarring caused by swelling or pulling the skin too tight
  • Injury to nerves that control the movement of eyebrows, requiring additional surgery

Ear pinning

  • Blood clots
  • Numb areas
  • Infection that can cause scarring
  • Recurrence of deformity

Nose job/rhinoplasty

  • Scars at the base of the nose (more often from open surgery)
  • Nosebleeds
  • Tiny red spots caused by small blood vessels that burst; rarely become permanent
  • Imperfect outcome requiring a repeat procedure
  • Surgical complications such as reactions to anesthesia