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Esophagus Cancer Surgery

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Depending on a patient’s unique condition, esophagus cancer surgery may be recommended for esophageal cancer that has not spread. These procedures remove part or the entire esophagus (esophagectomy), and may rebuild the organ using intestine or stomach tissue. The goal is to remove the cancer and maintain digestive function. Florida Hospital offers minimally invasive and robotic surgical options for patients with esophageal cancer. We work with the latest technology to provide the best care. See if these advanced treatment options can help you. Schedule an appointment today.

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When esophageal cancer is diagnosed before it spreads, esophagus cancer surgery is usually the recommended treatment to eliminate the cancer. It may be recommended along with other cancer therapies as a comprehensive treatment plan.
Removing the cancer is the goal for esophagus cancer surgery, and it can be accomplished in many ways:
  • Esophagectomy – surgery for esophageal cancer that removes a part or the entire esophagus. The remaining portion can be reconstructed using intestine or stomach tissue. Then it is reattached to the stomach.
  • Trans-hiatal esophagectomy is a minimally-invasive method to remove cancer of the lower esophagus without opening the chest
  • Trans-thoracic esophagectomy is done to remove esophageal cancer by making an incision in the chest. Once the esophagus is removed, the stomach is then fashioned into a tube and reattached to the remaining esophagus.
  • En bloc esophagectomy: the most invasive surgery for esophageal cancer where surgeons remove the all the esophagus and part of the stomach. The stomach is reshaped into a tube and reconnected in the chest to the digestive tract.
Minimally invasive procedures are now available to reduce the recovery time and pain experienced during esophagus cancer surgery. Florida Hospital specializes in minimally invasive, robotic surgeries for qualified patients. Find out if this advanced procedure is an option for your treatment.

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