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Esophageal Cancer

Statistics of Esophageal Cancer

To improve overall wellness, Florida Hospital encourages all patients to learn as much as possible about his or her health. With facts about esophageal cancer, patients can learn the basics about this serious condition and how to reduce their risk of developing cancer. It’s important to make informed decisions about your care.
See some of the basic facts on esophageal cancer:
  • Esophageal cancer is usually diagnosed in the lower esophagus by the sphincter (muscular valve).
  • The esophagus is between 10 and 13 inches long and begins under the trachea and ends at the stomach.
  • The American Cancer Society estimated that more than 17,000 new cases of esophageal cancer would be diagnosed in the US in 2012. Also, about 15,000 deaths due to esophageal cancer were projected.
  • Acid reflux damage, or Barrett’s esophagus is thought to increase a patient’s risk of developing the condition.
  • Cancer usually begins the innermost layer of the esophagus wall.
  • People who smoke and drink alcohol are at an even higher risk of developing esophageal cancer than those who just smoke or just drink.
  • Difficult/painful swallowing and weight loss are the most common symptoms.
  • Minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are available for esophageal cancer at Florida Hospital.
  • Surgery is the most common treatment.
  • Esophageal cancer is often diagnosed in the later stages because symptoms do not appear in the beginning stages.
  • Patients with Stage IV esophageal cancer are not usually curable.

Locations for Esophageal Cancer