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Endoscopic Brain Surgery

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An advanced treatment for many serious neurological conditions, endoscopic brain surgery offers a less invasive surgical option for patients. Traditional treatments for conditions such as brain tumors and aneurysms have a high risk of complications and a long recovery period. Endoscopic brain surgery causes less trauma to the body to reduce pain, recovery time and risk of complications. Using a specialized, lighted tool inserted through the nose or a small hole in the skull, surgeons thread the tube to the location where the surgery is performed. Endoscopic brain surgery provides hope to patients with otherwise inoperable conditions. Florida Hospital is dedicated to providing the most advanced procedures and technology. See if this treatment is an option for your condition. Schedule an appointment.

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Endoscopic brain surgery, the most advanced treatment for serious conditions in the brain, is a minimally invasive brain surgery that reduces recovery time and pain for patients. Rather than removing large sections of the skull, the procedure uses a small, tube-like instrument (endoscope) inserted through the nose/sinuses or a small incision in the skull to reach problems deep within the brain.

The endoscope is threaded to the problematic area using GPS-like brain tracking technology and imaging equipment. The tool even has channels to insert instruments that perform procedures in the brain to reduce the risk of damaging surrounding tissue. Endoscopic brain surgery’s advanced technology improves accuracy to within a few millimeters.

Patients experience less pain, reduced recovery times and improved outcomes.

With endoscopic brain surgery through the nose, patients with inoperable conditions may have a treatment option. Surgeons can now treat lesions, tumors and aneurisms of the skull base, pituitary and pineal gland, and ventricles, areas deep within the brain.

Find out if minimally invasive brain surgery may be an option for your treatment. Schedule an appointment today.

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