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Elbow Joint Replacement

Conditions Related to Elbow Joint Replacement

Related conditions that may require elbow joint replacement are any that cause extreme pain, aching, and limited motion. Arthritis of the elbow is condition that directly affects the elbow joint by causing inflammation in this joint. Arthritis is also a related condition that targets more than one joint and can attack both elbows, concurrently. 
Other related conditions that can lead to an elbow arthroplasty are cubital tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer’s or baseball elbow), dislocation, infection, tumor or cancer, fracture, torn tissues resulting from severe damage, osteoporosis, and a previously failed elbow replacement. 
Doctors at Florida Hospital are trained to discuss all related conditions that may require an elbow arthroplasty. Call Florida Hospital to schedule an appointment and report symptoms of elbow joint pain, injury and/or damage to a health care provider. 

Locations for Elbow Joint Replacement