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Elbow Joint Replacement

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Numerous conditions and injuries may cause immediate or long-term elbow joint damage. Limited range-of-motion is a common restriction that accompanies this elbow damage. A diseased elbow resulting from sports injuries, tumor, arthritis, and other conditions can cause severe pain, swelling, and may worsen to the point in which the arm becomes immobile. Elbow joint replacement, or elbow arthoplasty, is a surgical treatment option that involves replacing the damaged elbow with an artificial joint constructed out of high-quality metal stems and features a metal and plastic hinge to resemble the congenital joint. Patients with health conditions and/or past elbow injuries may find relief following this elbow replacement procedure. Surgeons at Florida Hospital are specialized in orthopedic services and can examine an elbow joint to determine if it needs elbow arthroplasty.    

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An elbow joint replacement, also known as elbow arthroplasty, is performed to replace a diseased, damaged, or an injured elbow joint that causes pain, limits movement and creates blood circulation issues. This surgical procedure removes the elbow joint and replaces it with an artificial system made out of high-quality metal and contains a metal and plastic hinge to imitate the natural movement of a congenital elbow. 
The prognosis of having an elbow arthroplasty may reduce pain, though recovery can last anywhere from a few months or as long as a year following surgery. Precaution must be taken to prevent heavy lifting or putting excessive pressure on the artificial joint to avoid damaging it. 
Physical therapy and range of motion exercises may rehabilitate the arm and help the new joint to regain its typical range-of-motion. Surgeons at Florida Hospital have performed many orthopedic services and are available to discuss if elbow joint replacement is the best fit.  

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