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Ectopic Pregnancy

Statistics on Ectopic Pregnancy

The statistics on ectopic pregnancy show that it is a very rare condition, occurring in only about 2 percent of all pregnancies. Through research and clinical studies, physicians are advancing the medical repository of facts on ectopic pregnancy.

Some of the more significant statistics include:

  • ectopic pregnancy affects up to 1 in 40 pregnancies
  • 9% of all deaths in pregnancy are caused by ectopic pregnancy
  • a fallopian tube is the most common location of an ectopic pregnancy
  • approximately 33% of women who have had an ectopic pregnancy have a normal pregnancy later
  • a woman who has had one ectopic pregnancy has 9 times the risk of a second occurrence
  • an appendectomy doubles the risk of an ectopic pregnancy
  • less than 1% of women who have had a tubal sterilization have an ectopic pregnancy
  • women who are older than 35 and under 20 are at higher risk
  • about half of all ectopic pregnancies receive outpatient treatment

Physicians at the Florida Hospital for Women hope that women will use these facts to become aware of the potential of ectopic pregnancy, and to reassure them that proper and timely medical treatment can protect a woman’s health and help her make informed lifestyle decisions.

Locations for Ectopic Pregnancy