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Ectopic Pregnancy

Research and Clinical Trials for Ectopic Pregnancy

Ongoing research of ectopic pregnancy is being pursued to learn more about exactly how the condition occurs and strategies for treatment. Thanks to advances from research, it is extremely rare for a woman in the U.S. to die from an ectopic pregnancy.

Clinical Trials Investigating Ectopic Pregnancy

The research involves a variety of clinical trials on ectopic pregnancy. Doctors are investigating specifically how particular medical conditions relate to and possibly cause ectopic pregnancy.

These clinical trials include:

  • improving tests for indications of ectopic pregnancy such as protein markers
  • the relationship of fertility procedures to become pregnant
  • how hormonal imbalances relate to ectopic pregnancy
  • how to improve surgical procedures to minimize scarring that is tied ectopic pregnancy
  • ongoing evaluation of treatment strategies

Locations for Ectopic Pregnancy