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Ectopic Cushing Syndrome

Symptoms and Signs of Ectopic Cushing Syndrome

While it is a type of Cushing syndrome, ectopic Cushing syndrome often produces fewer symptoms and signs than other forms of the condition. Still, patients should know how to identify these signs of ectopic Cushing syndrome to know when to seek medical help.
These are some of the more common symptoms and signs of ectopic Cushing Syndrome:
  • Headache
  • Acne or skin infection
  • Stretch marks 
  • Darkened skin
  • Unusual thirst
  • Urinating more frequently
  • Weakness
  • Red, round face
  • Buffalo hump on back
  • Abdomen stick out with thin legs and arms
  • Mental changes
  • Impotence in men and irregular menstrual cycle in women

Locations for Ectopic Cushing Syndrome