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Survivability of Eclampsia

While it can be life threatening, the chances of surviving eclampsia are very good provided proper medical treatment is administered.

One study concluded that the survival rate of babies born to mothers with eclampsia or preeclampsia was over 98 percent.

Delivering the fetus is the means doctors primarily employ to keep eclampsia from developing, helping to improve the chance for survivability of both the mother and baby.

So, the best assurance for surviving eclampsia is the correct diagnosis and treatment for preeclampsia. Women with known risks for preeclampsia should discuss their condition with their doctor before becoming pregnant. Pregnant women who are diagnosed with preeclampsia must get early, ongoing care from an obstetrician trained in this condition. Careful monitoring and a proper strategy to treat and manage preeclampsia until the fetus is mature enough for delivery, create the greatest chances for surviving.

Locations for Eclampsia