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Research and Clinical Trials for Eclampsia

Because eclampsia follows preeclamsia, research into these conditions focuses largely on the former.

Current research is being pursued on:

  • conditions in pregnancy that increase risk
  • how preeclampsia progresses and affects a woman and her fetus
  • markers that may identify women at risk
  • how cellular and molecular changes may determine if preeclampsia will develop and how severe it may be
  • treatments to help prevent preeclampsia
  • therapy to treat eclampsia

Research is being done on the use of antiseizure drugs such as magnesium sulfate. Antioxidants like vitamins C and E, selenium and lycopene are also being researched for their effect on preeclampsia.

There are a number of research studies and clinical trials on the beneficial effects of nutritional supplements on preeclampsia.

Locations for Eclampsia