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Our Andrology Specialist

Andrology is the branch of medicine that focuses on men’s health—the male counterpart to gynecology—and at Florida Hospital East Orlando, we’re proud to offer our patients one of the few andrologists in Central Florida. Zamip Patel, MD, is one of the few fellowship-trained andrologists in Orlando.

Dr. Patel is a highly skilled specialist who focuses on not just men’s health and urology issues, but also performs the following procedures:

  • Male evaluations: Typically, when a woman sees her obstetrician about conception issues, the male is tested for low sperm count. If he tests low, he’s then referred to a urologist for a male evaluation, which typically includes another semen analysis, in addition to other lab tests, to determine possible causes. These causes become important not only for further evaluation of infertility, but also to the man’s overall current and future health.
  • Management of semen abnormalities: If one of those lab tests comes back abnormal, then depending on the abnormality, varying treatments may be recommended. Most semen abnormalities can be at least improved, if not treated altogether.
  • Microsurgeries: If intervention is needed, Dr. Patel can perform a multitude of different types of procedures to improve sperm parameters or extract sperm. Among his qualifications are microsurgical techniques, including the “microTESE” procedure to retrieve sperm from the testes by “combing” through the testes to locate the sperm. He also performs vasectomy reversals and/or microsurgeries to correct problems that may have existed for years or even since birth.
  • Posthumous reproduction: This refers to the saving of sperm after a male passes away for his partner’s use in assisted reproduction.
  • Sex chromosome abnormalities: A male infertility evaluation may reveal abnormalities in the sex chromosome that can have implications for the overall health of the patient and his potential offspring.
  • Treatment for low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction: The male infertility evaluation often reveals issues with erectile dysfunction and endocrine dysfunction. Dr. Patel is trained to treat these issues not only for the purposes of infertility, but also for the duration of the male individual’s life.
  • Reproductive tract obstruction: This refers to an obstruction blocking the tube that connects the vas deferens to the remaining male reproductive tract. The problem could lie where the tract meets the rest of the urethra, or it may be deeper. In any event, it can be addressed with either minimally invasive surgery or a combination of minimally invasive and robotic surgery.
  • Varicocelectomy: This is a treatment of testicular veins that may result in increased sperm counts and potentially more overall health benefits.
  • Vasoepididymostomy/vasovasostomy/vasectomy reversal: In this procedure, Dr. Patel corrects an obstruction in the tube connecting the testes to the male reproductive tract. Typically urologists do not do vasectomy reversals; they seek an andrology specialist’s expertise.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Patel, call us today at (407) 303-6865.