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Donor Human Milk

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Donor human milk allows mothers who are unable to breastfeed to provide this important, disease-fighting nutrition to their babies. Florida Hospital understands the importance of breastfeeding babies for the optimal nutritional value. Our team can help you find donor human milk from trusted milk banks in Central Florida. Find out more about this service from Florida Hospital. Contact our neonatal team today.

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Breast milk provides the optimal, disease-fighting nutrition for newborns. For mothers whom can’t breastfeed, donor human milk from milk banks provide this essential nutrition. Florida Hospital helps mothers get donor human milk from safest, most trusted milk banks in Central Florida.

Some newborns, especially if he or she is premature, have to have breast milk, even if the mother doesn’t want to or can’t breastfeed. These are a few of the reasons why newborns may need donor human milk:

  • The baby’s stomach can’t digest formula
  • The baby has severe allergies
  • Formula isn’t providing the nutrients the baby needs to thrive.

Some insurance companies cover donor human milk from select milk banks. If a mother’s insurance does not cover donor human milk, the milk bank may be able to provide a payment plan.

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