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Dilation and Curettage

Research and Clinical Trials for Dilation and Curettage

Research on dilation and curettage (D and C) is ongoing with studies investigating various factors of the procedure. 
Clinical trials for D and C include:
  • Testing medications used as an alternative, non-surgical treatment
  • Effectiveness of the procedure to treat an incomplete miscarriage or abortion
  • Use of the procedure in diagnosing endometrial cancer
  • Sedation used during the procedure
Participation in clinical trials affords the opportunity to benefit from promising new therapies when traditional procedures are ineffective or cannot be used. Florida Hospital participates in many clinical trials on a variety of health conditions. Women for whom a D and C has been recommended, and are interested in learning if participation in a clinical trial could be of benefit to them are encouraged to contact Florida Hospital.

Locations for Dilation and Curettage