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Type 2 Diabetes

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

The most common form of diabetes, type 2 diabetes can cause dramatic symptoms that affect the body and mind. If left untreated or poorly managed, type 2 diabetes can lead to death. With good diet and lifestyle habits, patients can prevent or delay a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute has been named one of the top diabetes institutes in America for our state-of-the-art treatments and a highly touted education program. We help patients achieve their highest level of wellness. See how our services improve your condition. Schedule an appointment today.

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What is Type 2 Diabetes?

A type of diabetes mellitus (diabetes), type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the cells do not respond to insulin correctly.  Our bodies turn the foods we eat into glucose, or sugar to fuel the body. This sugar gets into the blood stream and is able to be absorbed by the cells with the help of insulin.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin or the cells do not respond correctly to the insulin. This causes a lack of energy in the cells and high blood sugar since the cells do not absorb the sugar.

Accounting for nearly 95% of the diabetes cases in America, type 2 diabetes can be managed and often prevented with lifestyle and dietary changes. Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute helps patients improve their diets and lifestyles to reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes and manage the condition if diagnosed. This lifesaving care can help patients reach their highest level of wellness to live a long, healthy life.

See how our recognized education program provides the support you need to be your healthiest. Schedule an appointment online today.

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