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Research and Clinical Trials for Dementia

Medical science conducts significant research on dementia, already improving the lives of affected people and offering the promise of greater advances in preventing or curing the disorder.

Many clinical trails on dementia focus on the causes, hoping to learn how doctors can prevent it. These studies investigate genetic factors, chemical agents, abnormal proteins, insulin resistance, statins (cholesterol lowering medications), infections such as HIV and the effects of head injuries.

Research into dementia also seeks to improve doctor’s ability to make an early diagnosis, helping assure the correct treatment. Studies of three-dimensional brain imaging investigate methods of identifying changes to the brain before the onset of symptoms. Other studies look for clues in spinal fluid and blood tests.

Treatment options are the focus of other clinical trials on dementia. Researchers are working on developing new drugs and vaccines, gene therapy, and the use of vitamin B1 and B12 supplement.

As a leading neurological treatment center, the Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute performs clinical trials on many disorders. Patients for whom traditional therapies have not produced satisfactory results may be able to participate in clinical trials offering the potential of innovative therapies.

Locations for Dementia