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Saebo Arm Training

Giving New Hope to Stroke Survivors

The Saebo® Arm Training Program is a specialized treatment approach designed to maximize your arm and hand function following a neurological injury such as a stroke.  It's the only program available that allows the patients to incorporate their involved hand functionally for grasp and release and  task-specific activities.  It was created by licensed occupational therapists that have methodically worked to incorporate the latest neurological research into a practical evidence-based treatment program.

Its main purpose is to help you perform early initiation of functional grasp and release activities with your involved arm and hand.  This is accomplished by using Saebo's Functional Dynamic orthoses.  These revolutionary orthoses will allow you to immediately use your hand and arm in therapy and at home which would otherwise be impossible.  The orthoses may stimulate new functional gains in your hand and throughout your entire arm. 

If you have suffered a neurological injury that has left you with limited movement in your arm and hand, then Saebo may be right for you.  In fact, this program may offer results even if you have been discharged from therapy because you have reached a plateau.  The time since your injury is not a factor.  Patients have shown functional improvement as far out as 20 years after injury.

Of course, the road to recovery is hard work and never guaranteed.  But, as a survivor, you know that even the smallest gains can make a big difference in your quality of life.

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