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Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema is swelling of a part of the body, typically an arm or a leg, caused by an abnormal accumulation of fluid.  It often causes a feeling of heaviness, some discomfort, cosmetic changes and an increased risk of infection and cellulitis.

Individuals with lymphedema often suffer a decrease in quality of life as a result of their symptoms.  Florida Hospital DeLand is dedicated to using proven therapies to assist patients get back to the lives they enjoy.  Our program offers licensed therapists with extensive training and experience in managing these conditions.

Who’s at Risk?

Those at risk for lymphedema include:  

  • Breast cancer patients who have had surgery with or without  lymph node removal 
  • Various surgical procedures that may have impaired the lymphatic system 
  • A genetic tendency for lymphedema (primary lymphedema) 
  • Radiation therapy to areas such as the neck, underarm, and groin  
  • Traumatic injuries 
  • Infections
  • Burns


Though lymphedema is incurable, it is readily treatable.  We offer a comprehensive program that may include:  

  • Manual lymphatic therapy/massage 
  • Compression bandaging and garments
  • Personalized exercise program 
  • Scar tissue prevention and management 
  • Kinesiotaping (taping technique) to improve lymphatic flow
  • Education on lymphedema precautions, prevention, and skin care

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