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Volunteers say "We're Here To Help"

Greater DeLand community members have donated countless service hours to Florida Hospital DeLand since it opened in 1962. The generous gift of time and effort comes from the heart. It is a profound gift with far reaching benefits for everyone in our area. Volunteers represent the very diverse population of our community. This includes students, teachers, business professionals, retirees and others who wish to give to the community. Research tells us that volunteering is beneficial to ones’ health. Please carefully consider volunteering at Florida Hospital DeLand - where you will have opportunities to both give and receive!

The Volunteers’ Purpose

Volunteers share a common goal of providing aid and comfort to patients and their families. But there is more to this role. The volunteer’s purpose encompasses other areas such as:

  • Providing compassionate service to patients and hospital staff
  • Serving as goodwill ambassadors for the hospital
  • Raising funds for the hospital

To sign up to be a volunteer today at Florida Hospital DeLand, fill out our application today and email to