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Florida Hospital Deland Chapel Hours

As a faith-based healthcare provider and a member of the Adventist Health System, we believe in a holistic approach to healing, designed to nurture mind, body and spirit, and to attend to spiritual needs with the same vigor as we do physical ailments. Our hospital chapel is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for our patients, their families and our staff; located off the main lobby at the Plymouth Avenue entrance, its peaceful, gardenlike setting and indoor fountain offer a serene place to pray or meditate. It’s non-denominational and open to people of all faiths—or folks who don’t consider themselves religious at all—who are in need of spiritual and emotional strength in what we know can be an anxious time.

We also invite you to reach out to our pastoral care team by calling (386) 943-4878 or (386) 943-7169. Our staff and volunteer chaplains are there to minister to your spiritual and emotion needs. Our volunteer clergy-laity represent various faiths, and if you want, we’d be more than happy to connect you with a clergy member of your own religious community.

Praying Hands

Florida Hospital DeLand believes in the power of prayer. You may notice the “praying hands” pin on many of our staff members’ ID badges and uniforms. This pin signifies that the wearer is willing to pray for or with you if you feel the need. Simply approach the staff member and ask him or her to pray with you. Both of you will be blessed by the experience.

Daily Prayer Time

Our chaplains hold prayer sessions beginning at 10:00 am Monday through Friday in the Chapel.  Everyone is invited to join in and a reminder announcement is communicated through the intercom.  For more information, email Garfield Browne.

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