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Behavioral Health

Trust Our Behavioral Health Experts

Giving our community access to top behavioral health specialists, Florida Hospital DeLand treats patients who are 18 years of age or older and experience a serious psychiatric condition and/or chemical dependency.

Crisis Hotline Numbers:

When in an emergency, please use these numbers for 24/7 help:
(800) 539-4228
(800) 273-TALK

These compassionate behavioral health care services provide individualized attention for patients. This method allows us to effectively stabilize psychiatric symptoms and provide safe detoxification from chemical dependency. The lifesaving behavioral health services at Florida Hospital DeLand use proven techniques to treat the patient’s whole being—including mind, body and spirit.

24/7 Behavioral Health Care Admissions

Since behavior health conditions and chemical dependency cause unpredictable symptoms, we accept admissions at any time. 24/7 referrals can be made by psychiatrists, community agencies, private physicians and patients themselves by calling 386-943-4670.

Florida Hospital DeLand’s Behavioral Health Care Treatment Program

Using a multidisciplinary approach, Florida Hospital DeLand’s team of behavioral health care professionals provide individualized treatment suited to each patient’s needs. After an initial evaluation to assess the patient’s condition, our team develops a treatment plan to address these important aspects of the patient’s health:

  • Emotional stability
  • Physical health
  • Developmental health
  • Spiritual needs
  • Environmental stimulus
  • Family life
  • Nutritional condition
  • Social situation
  • Recreational habits

This behavior health care plan may include these services:

  • Daily sessions with a psychiatrist
  • Individual, group or family therapy
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Therapeutic crafts

Unlike other programs, medication therapy at Florida Hospital DeLand is assessed on an individual basis and is only distributed with the consent and understanding of the patient.

Ongoing Behavioral Health Care Services

Since initial treatment or detoxification is only the first step to healing, Florida Hospital DeLand provides aftercare plans for each patient. Our expert team of psychiatrists, behavioral health workers, therapists and psychiatric nurses develop a plan to continue healing after discharge with help from each patient and significant family members.

Did You Know: Family involvement is vital throughout the hospitalization and healing process.

We also offer follow-up behavioral health care services to patients and family members by referral through these organizations:

  • Community agencies
  • Private physicians
  • Private therapists
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs