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Creation Health


Florida Hospital believes in and promotes whole-person health, and it is expressed through our CREATION Health philosophy. This philosophy is based on a mind, body, spirit approach to resist disease, advance health and guide people toward a more rewarding and satisfying life. It is about fulfilling each person’s God-given potential, and breathes love into all interactions.

The first step in creating a culture of health is adopting a philosophy that supports the vision. CREATION Health is a comprehensive yet concise framework for achieving maximum wellness through eight life principles. The whole self is engaged — body, mind and spirit. When practiced consistently, these principles empower you and those around you to live more fulfilling and productive lives.

Our Philosophy

CREATION Health is the embodiment of love. Living the CREATION principles nurtures our mind, body and spirit, and does the same for those with whom we come into contact every day – colleagues, friends, family – so that we can live life to the fullest. And living life to the fullest means being the happiest and healthiest we can be.

  • Choice – Choice is the first step toward improved health, because people who believe they are in control over their own lives are healthier and live longer.
  • Rest – Rest is good sleep and also taking time to relax. Relaxation lowers blood pressure and reduces stress
  • Environment – Environment is our external world, but also affects what happens within us for the better or worst.
  • Activity – Activity includes physical and mental conditioning. Our goal is to be active in body, mind and spirit.
  • Trust – Trust provides security in your relationship with God, family, co-workers and your community. Choose to nurture and grow trust in all your relationships.
  • Interpersonal – Interpersonal relationships strengthen our well-being. Social connection fortifies our resolve and improves our health.
  • Outlook – Outlook creates our reality. Our mind influences our body, and our attitude impacts our health.
  • Nutrition – Nutrition is the fuel that drives the whole system. Small improvements and strategic substitutions produce profound results.

To learn more ways on how you can incorporate CREATION Health principles into your life and the lives of others, in both the home and work environment,