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Coronary Bypass Surgery

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Coronary artery bypass surgery is performed to bypass a blockage that is impeding the flow of blood through the heart arteries. Physicians at the Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute are highly experienced in this type of procedure. Florida Hospital is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s best hospitals for heart bypass surgery. Since 1981, our surgeons have performed over 82,000 open heart procedures.

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Coronary artery bypass surgery is a procedure performed to increase blood flow through the heart by circumventing blocked arteries. Also called coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG), this open heart procedure uses pieces of blood vessel harvested from other parts of the body (usually the leg, wrist, or chest) to construct a “detour” around the blocked portion of the artery. The harvested blood vessel is grafted to the affected artery just above and just below the blockage. Blood is then able to bypass the blockage through this graft.

During traditional coronary artery bypass surgery, the breastbone is cut through and the ribs are spread to access the heart. A cardoiopulmonary bypass machine (heart-lung machine) is used to keep blood pumping through the body during the surgery.

There are four main arteries in the heart. When CABG is performed on two arteries, it is considered double bypass surgery. Grafts on three arteries is triple bypass surgery and grafts on four arteries is quadruple bypass surgery.

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