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Complex Endometrial Hyperplasia

Research and Clinical Trials for Complex Endometrial Hyperplasia

While doctors use effective diagnostic testing and therapies today, research and clinical trials on complex endometrial hyperplasia continue to develop better, less invasive techniques for tomorrow. A common treatment, hysterectomy is effective in treating the condition, but is invasive and restrictive for women.

With minimally invasive surgical procedures, women may suffer fewer complications during open surgeries. These procedures reduce pain and recovery time for patients as well. Florida Hospital is dedicated to pioneering these procedures to provide patients with the best care and experience possible.

Also, doctors continue to explore and research the use of progesterone hormones to treat the condition and the effectiveness of the therapy on the different types of hyperplasia—even the most severe type, complex hyperplasia with atypia.

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Locations for Complex Endometrial Hyperplasia