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Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Survivability of Colorectal Cancer Surgery

A patient’s colon cancer prognosis depends on the stage at which colorectal cancer is detected and treatment begins. Survival rates are much higher if the cancer is caught early. The five-year survival rate – the percentage of people with the disease who are alive five years after diagnosis -- drops for patients whose cancer is detected at later states. Survival rates vary from patient to patient and 5-year survival rates are estimated. According to the American Cancer Society*, five-year survival rates are:
  • 91 percent if cancer if detected before it spread to lymph nodes or other organs
  • 70 percent if the cancer has spread to lymph nodes and/or nearby organs
  • 11 percent if the cancer has spread to the lungs or other distant organs
* Cancer Facts & Figures 2010

Locations for Colorectal Cancer Surgery