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Cold Knife Cone Biopsy

Treatments Related to Cold Knife Cone Biopsy

Mostly, related treatments to cold knife cone biopsy are required before the procedure to test for irregular cells. When a patient suspects an issue in the cervix or undergoes a routine screening, a Pap smear, a related treatment, may be completed first. This test may indicate there are irregular cells in the cervix.
If a Pap smear returns an irregular result, the doctor may conduct a colposcopy. It is a related treatment or diagnostic test where doctors use a microscope and light to visualize the cervix cells. Sometimes, a tissue sample is taken to determine if the cells are abnormal. If this test does not indicate what is causing an abnormal reading, a cold knife cone biopsy may be recommended.
If you haven’t been screened for cervical cancer, it’s important to seek related treatments to cold knife cone biopsy to ensure you have excellent reproductive health. Early detection of problems can improve the success of surgery. Request your screening now.

Locations for Cold Knife Cone Biopsy