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Clinical Pastoral Education at Florida Hospital

Why CPE at an APCE, Inc. Center?

CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) is a method of theological education through practical training in pastoral care skills, concepts and ministry.  ACPE, Inc. CPE is a professional standard for education of this type. ACPE and ACPE accredited centers and certified Supervisors have a history of quality education that is recognized by professional ministerial associations, judicatories, and accredited theological academic institutions and  whose accreditation is recognized by the US Department of Education.

  • ACPE accredits centers for conducting CPE by utilizing a process and a structure to evaluate the institutional issues related to where CPE will be held. This assures the student that the institution that provides for their clinical experience is financially stable, employs qualified supervisors, provides curriculum that has been reviewed by others, offers evaluations and sets standards for treatment and safety of students. 
  • ACPE Standards for ongoing accreditation of a CPE Center are systematically reviewed to insure that there is consistency in practice for the center and its supervisors. ACPE is committed to quality and consumer protection; therefore as an association we have our Standards externally reviewed by the US Department of Education every five years and have their recognition as an indicator of our values and practice. We require all accredited centers undergo both five and ten year reviews in order to maintain their individual accreditation status. These strict guidelines for accreditation and recognition by the US Department of Education make CPE at an ACPE accredited program acceptable for academic credit and for VA benefits. 
  • ACPE has a process by which problems at an accredited center may be immediately addressed through a called review of accreditation in order to assure compliance and maintenance of Standards. 
  • ACPE accreditation and certification standards are approved for Board Certification by the Association of Professional Chaplains, the National Association of Catholic Chaplains, the National Association of Jewish Chaplains and other professional chaplaincy organizations.
  • ACPE Supervisors are required to have completed M.Div. level equivalent studies, as a minimum, at an appropriately accredited graduate level academic institution before beginning their training as future CPE Supervisors.
  • ACPE Supervisors have completed a process of training that provides for multiple opportunities to have their work evaluated by other professionals in order for certification as a CPE Supervisor to be granted. This process follows standards for training that have been scrutinized and recognized as part of the ACPE accreditation process
  • ACPE Supervisors are required to participate in regular review processes as well as continuing education in order to maintain their certification as a Supervisor.
  • ACPE CPE is guided by Standards as well as defined outcomes and objectives for student learning. These standards, along with certification and accreditation requirements are available for review by visiting the ACPE, Inc. website:

CPE at Florida Hospital Division - Center for Pastoral Education is accredited by ACPE, Inc. One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, GA 30030   
Phone: (404) 320-1472