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Chronic Heart Failure

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Everyday, our hospitals provide life-saving treatment for chronic heart failure. Whether helping patients manage conditions such as chronic heart failure or treating their condition through innovative non-invasive and surgical procedures, the physicians at Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute are committed to providing excellent care. That is why Florida Hospital is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s best hospitals for heart failure treatment.

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The heart is basically a muscle that re-oxygenates blood and keeps it pumping through the body.  Chronic heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart’s ability to pump blood is weakened.  Since the heart can’t adequately pump the blood through, it compensates in two ways: it becomes dilated in order to hold excess blood or stiffening occurs in the heart chambers. Both dilation and stiffening weaken the heart over time.

Chronic heart failure (CHF) can develop over a number of years.

Treatment for chronic heart failure ranges from medical management to a heart transplant, depending on the patient and the severity of the condition. 

Locations for Chronic Heart Failure