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Treatments for Chordoma

Treatments for chardoma usually combine surgery and radiation. As with many malignant tumors, surgery cannot always be entirely successful at removing the growth. Some cells may remain in surrounding tissue. In fact, about 40 percent of chordomas recur. Radiation therapy is administered to attack those remaining cells.

Surgical options include traditional brain surgery and endonasal skull base surgery (approaching the tumor from inside the nose). Neuroendovascular surgery is a minimally invasive technique that inserts surgical instruments through blood vessels.

Stereotatic radiosurgery is a newer non-invasive technique used successfully at the Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute. Not a surgery in the sense of making an incision, the procedure focuses beams of high intensity radiation precisely on the tumor, killing its cells and preventing it from growing. Florida Hospital employs the Leskell Gamma Knife© 4C, one of the most advanced instruments of its type available. 

Locations for Chordoma