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Chordoma is a cancerous tumor that forms on the spinal column from the tailbone to the base of the skull. As with all tumors, it disrupts cell function and can apply pressure on vital areas of the central nervous system. The physicians at the Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute specialize in treatments of tumors affecting the brain and spinal cord. Working with the most advanced technology, an interdisciplinary team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of aggressive tumors like chordoma. They combine expertise in neurosurgery and radiation therapy with a caring touch to helping people with chordoma achieve the best outcome possible.

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A chordoma is a primary bone tumor that can develops from a notochord remnant – the remains of the spine-like structure in a fetus that is replaced by the backbones. It is a rare congenital spinal tumor that usually forms as a tumor on the sacrum (lower back), or as a tumor on the base of the skull.  A chordoma often grows outside of the dura matter, the protective outer layer of the brain and spine, but can expand into the skull or spinal canal. The condition mostly affects people in their 50s or 60s.

A chardoma develops slowly, expanding over time into surrounding tissue and bone. The tumor metastasizes in about 40 percent of patients, spreading to other areas of the body including the lungs.

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