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Health Alternatives Through Transplant

Children suffering from afflictions affecting the blood, specific cancers and kidney failure often face the prospect of a transplant. Florida Hospital for Children is the trusted expert in transplants for children. Working closely with the family and the child, we’ve created a highly successful program that offers the very latest in transplant medicine, utilizing the very best techniques and technologies.

Ensuring Successful Kidney Transplants

At Florida Hospital for Children, we understand that proper organ function can greatly affect your child’s physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Since 2006, we have been forefront of pediatric kidney transplants for children in Central Florida. Here, you can find comfort knowing that your child will receive the best care from a professional team of transplant specialists and a highly skilled support staff. At Florida Hospital for Children's transplant center, your child is more than a patient. They are members of our family.

The skill to heal. The spirit to care.