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Sports Concussion Program

Know the Facts

Over 1.5 million high school students play on organized football teams each year.  In football and other contact sports, the estimated chance of getting a concussion is as high as 10-19% per season. The majority of young athletes recover from concussions, but recovery can be complicated. Athletes who are not fully recovered from an initial concussion are at higher risk for receiving a second concussion.  When a child has a second concussion before the first concussion is fully recovered, significant cognitive and behavioral changes can occur.  Even worse, the child is at risk for second impact syndrome, which can be life threatening.  Many concussions are not recognized.  It has been estimated that over 50% of concussions occurring at the adolescent and high-school level are never recognized or diagnosed by the team coach, trainer or physician. It is extremely important that these injuries are recognized and treated immediately.

We Work to Better Your Health

The Florida Hospital Sports Concussion Program partners with many local high schools to provide a testing program for athletes at risk for concussion.  These student athletes are given computerized neurocognitive tests before the sports season begins.  Memory, information processing, and reaction time are objectively measured.  If the athlete sustains a concussion, then neurocognitive tests are given again.  This helps to determine the impact of the concussion and provides important information about managing the concussion.  This process allows each athlete to have an individual plan for their safe return to playing sports. Neurocognitive testing is considered the “cornerstone” of proper concussion management by an international panel of sports medicine experts. We are pleased to be able to offer state-of-the-art concussion care at Florida Hospital for Children.  If you have questions about the Florida Hospital Sports Concussion Program, please call 407-303-8012.

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