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Program FAQ's

Q. What can participants expect?

A. You can expect the following:
Initial Medical Assessment

  • Medical exam and laboratory testing
  • Meetings with physician, nutritionist and psychologist for comprehensive health assessment
  • Assignment of health coach and development of class schedule

Education and Activity Program

The education and activity program is a solid activity-based curriculum designed for the child and family to learn about changing habits. Children will learn in groups with other children, individually, and in together with their parents. It is followed by six months of weekly engagements with health coaches to set and track goals. This will be done in a variety of ways including online, by telephone and in-person. As each milestone is completed, the next treatment option will be developed.

Education-based activity sessions will include:

Balanced Healthy Living 101 For Parents

  • Role of food in family
  • Importance of exercise
  • Supporting positive body image
  • Rest and Relaxation

Balanced Healthy Living 101 For Kids & Teens

  • Healthy eating
  • Creative ways to use energy
  • Accepting my body
  • Rest and Relaxation

Healthy Household Family Sessions

  • Family Meals
  • Family Fun (Activity sessions)
  • Cooking together
  • Health Coaching and Monitoring

A member of the team will have weekly contact with both the child and family to review goals and progress.

Long Term Follow Up

There will be a follow up assessment every three months and a medical assessment every six months. To keep participants engaged and motivated, we will periodically reevaluate progress and goals. We will also modify the program to maintain progress.

Community Involvement

The goal is to team each child and family up with another community partner for activity and engagement. We are currently working with YMCA, Track Shack, Girl Scouts and the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation. This will be part of the reward and point earning system.

Q. How is this initiative different from other programs?
A. Our initiative takes a comprehensive approach in dealing with the issue of childhood obesity. Other programs may involve visits in which children see a health professional every three months, and may involve education, but we offer children and their families long-term support and individualized attention. We also find community support to enhance their experience.

Upon entrance into the program, each team member will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the child and family addressing nutrition, behavioral, and activity assessments. Other programs may work with children and their families for a few months. Children and families enrolled into this program will work with our dedicated team for the duration of one to five years.

Q. Who is this program for?
A. Any child with a BMI of 85th % or above.
Child ages 6 – 17
One parent is willing to participate in program along with child.
The program is custom tailored to each participant. It is also able to accommodate children with special needs. The education and activities protocol will be modified to meet patient capabilities.

Q. What will it cost?
A. We understand that many families struggle with finances, medical bills and insurance. For those with health insurance, the only payment will be their usual co-pay. Much of the education and weekly coaching will be provided to your patients at no cost. For those who do not have insurance, a payment plan may be coordinated in advance through medical services.

Q. How do I enroll in the program?
A. If your child and family is struggling with weight issues and looking for solutions to help make new lifestyle changes, please contact us directly for more information. Additionally, the child’s pediatric primary care physician may send a patient referral request to Florida Hospital for Children.