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Weight Management

Weight Management Taught by the Experts

Sustainable weight loss and management can’t be attained through crash diets, supplements or diet drinks. Instead, you need to learn the secrets of proper nutrition; the importance of exercise; and the genetic, medical and cultural reasons why you’re having problems keeping your weight down, losing excess pounds, and not only battling self-esteem issues, but health issues as well.

Excess weight can have serious health implications that can last a lifetime, including feeling isolated; becoming depressed; or being diagnosed with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, respiratory and sleep disorders and other complications.

As participants discover, you don’t have to live with excess weight or the social stigma of being obese. You can do something about it and reverse the pattern, enjoying the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of a healthy weight.

Our highly trained weight-management team is comprised of doctors, specialists and other healthcare professionals who understand the sensitive nature of obesity and excessive weight. Using proven techniques and treatments that are delivered in a jargon- and judgment-free environment, we will help your child lose the excess weight and keep it off while addressing any other health issues that may be related. Because we treat the whole problem and not just the weight, our weight management program has achieved remarkable results, giving children and young adults a new lease on life.

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