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Patient and Families

Weight and Wellness

Teaching Your Child Good Health and Lifestyle Strategies

Florida Hospital for Children is proud to offer children, teens and families the chance to make substantial and permanent changes to their health and well-being through these programs.

Weight and Wellness Program
Learn the secrets of proper nutrition; the importance of exercise; and the genetic, medical and cultural reasons why you’re having problems keeping your weight down, losing excess pounds, and not only battling self-esteem issues, but health issues as well.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Education
A lifetime of health requires smart choices, including eating right, getting the right kind of exercise regularly and improving your self-esteem. 

Fit Initiative
Fit approaches each aspect of physical and mental wellbeing, not only for children and teens, but also for the family unit when household support is needed to affect change. Through the program, we are able to bring entertainment and education to schools and churches in the area to help affect change in our eating habits and health culture.

The skill to heal. The spirit to care.