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Webinar Archive

Welcome to the Webinar Archive for Florida Hospital for Children webinar series. See below for full webinar videos. To keep up with the latest, be sure to subscribe to our Webinar YouTube channel:

Dr. Lee - Epilepsy in Children Webinar

Dr. Woo - Scoliosis Treatment Webinar

Dr. Gottschall - Ear Infections and Kids

How to Pack Your Kid's Lunch

Dr. Constantine Mavroudis - Ask the Cardiac Heart Doctor

Dr. Gottschall - Advances in Childrens Medicine - Cochlear Implants

Dr. Keating - Potty Training 101


Ask the Doctor Segment

ENT Issue and Children

Joshua Gottschall, MD - Part 1

Joshua Gottschall, MD - Part 2

Joshua Gottschall, MD - Part 3

Joshua Gottschall, MD - Part 4

Epilepsy in Children 

Jim Baumgartner, MD - Part 1

Jim Baumgartner, MD - Part 2

Jim Baumgartner, MD - Part 3

Jim Baumgartner, MD - Part 4

Dermatology in Children

Tace Rico, MD - Part 1

Tace Rico, MD - Part 2

Tace Rico, MD - Part 3

Tace Rico, MD - Part 4

Sports Medicine and Concussions

Katerina Backus, MD - Part 1

Katerina Backus, MD - Part 2

Katerina Backus, MD - Part 3

Katerina Backus, MD - Part 4

Pediatric Cardiology

Jorge A. Garcia, MD - Part 1

Jorge A. Garcia, MD - Part 2

Jorge A. Garcia, MD - Part 3

Jorge A. Garcia, MD - Part 4

The skill to heal. The spirit to care.