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Helping all of us see through the eyes of a child.

When a child is born, their vision is about 20/1500. Over the next 10 years, their brain learns to process the visual message it is receiving from the eyes and your child begins to truly see the world through different eyes.

At Florida Hospital for Children, our job is to help children see clearly from the time they are born until the time they reach adulthood. Our team of experienced ophthalmologists are trained specifically to diagnose and treat vision problems in children, which are different than those experienced by adults.

Using the latest technologies and best practices, we can accurately diagnose your child’s vision problems and put together a treatment plan that will help them see better. Solutions range from glasses and medications to highly advanced surgical procedures. At every step along the way we keep you informed about the options available, explain everything to you in clear terms and work with you to make decisions about your child’s care.

Common conditions treated include:

  • Amblyopia or Lazy Eye
  • Pediatric Glaucoma
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Retinoblastoma
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity
  • Strabismus

In some cases, vision problems in newborns, children and adolescents can be symptomatic of other health issues. Our ophthalmology team works with other pediatric specialists at the hospital to identify all potential causes of vision problems and treat them using a wide range of approaches, many that fall outside the field of ophthalmology. We believe this approach is vital to ensuring that every child has the best chance possible to see the world around them.

The skill to heal. The spirit to care.