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Daytona Beach Clinic

Daytona Beach Clinic

With some of the leading experts in pediatric health care, Florida Hospital for Children has established an international reputation for compassionate care and excellence. Now you can enjoy this same level of care in your own backyard.

Our pediatric specialists and services available in Daytona Beach are listed below. Please note that physician schedules rotate daily and weekly. Therefore, scheduled days are subject to change. Please contact the office directly to schedule an appointment at our Daytona Beach location.

Cardiology (407) 303-2001

Jorge A. Garcia, MD

As a pediatric cardiologist, Jorge A. Garcia, MD, focuses on health issues that affect our young patients' hearts. He and the rest of the team specialize in a wide range of heart disorders, diagnosing and treating them with the most advanced technologies and techniques available.

Agustin Ramos, MD

A member of our expert pediatric cardiology team, Agustin Ramos, MD, is focused on providing our patients with superior care and successfully treating even the most serious heart issues in children and adolescents.

Matthew Zussman, MD

As a board certified general interventional cardiologist, Matthew Zussman, MD, brings the highest level of care and expertise to his patients. He will work with each family individually to discuss and explain all options regarding the treatment and management of their child's diagnosis.

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism (407) 896-2901

Jorge J. Daaboul, MD

Jorge J. Daaboul, MD has been treating children who have endocrine, diabetes and metabolism conditions for more than 25 years, including obesity, hypoglycemia, rickets and thyroid and adrenal disorders.

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General Surgery (407) 303-7280

Christopher Anderson, MD

A fellowship-trained pediatric surgeon, Christopher Anderson, MD, is one of a handful of surgeons in the United States to have completed extensive training in pediatric minimally invasive surgery. As such, he offers our patients some of the most advanced surgical care in the nation, offering less pain, more exacting results and reduced recovery times.

Orthopaedics (407) 303-5687

Raymund Woo, MD

During his distinguished career, Raymund Woo, MD, has been instrumental in advancing the field of pediatric orthopaedics through advanced surgical techniques, research studies and lectures. In addition to sports medicine services, he also specializes in helping patients who have serious spinal and limb deformities overcome their conditions through highly advanced diagnostics and treatment.

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Pediatric Sports Medicine (407) 303-5687

Katerina Backus, MD

A noted author, lecturer, teacher, adviser and expert insports medicine, Katerina Backus, MD, treats childrenwho have had an injury or suffer from a condition that affects the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons or jointsdue to activities, sports or activities.

Urology (407) 303-5781

Pablo Gomez III, MD

As a fellowship trained pediatric urologist, Pablo Gomez III, MD, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice. He is committed to providing his young patients with superior care utilizing the most advanced diagnostics, treatments and techniques available in the world.

Michael A. Keating, MD

Treating disorders affecting the urinary tract, genitalia, groin, kidneys, bladder and urethra, Michael A. Keating, MD, is a highly respected expert in pediatric urology and directs a team of specialists in offering our young patients the best care available.

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Location & Directions

The Florida Hospital for Children specialty clinic is located inside Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center

305 Memorial Medical Parkway
Suite 408
Daytona Beach, FL 32117

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